Mel Scripts



Below are some little Mel scripts for Maya, mostly for animation and rigging. You are free to download them, use them, and also to modify them. Please email me if you find any bugs and/or improvement.


mmakeAnmGlobalakeAnmGlobal : Get the animation of a parented element (even if it has no keys) and transfer its animation to world spaced locator.
Once that is done you can put the animation back on the object of your choice according to its name. It is useful when you animated an object but wish to change its position in hierarchy without altering the way it moves.
As the function is name relative you can transfer animation from an object to another or use the information stored in the locators the way you want.

Download Get it on Creative Crash



matchingGeom : This script allows you to offset skinned mesh’s bones position (and their animation) according to a new mesh (must be blendshapable). Download itGet it on Creative Crash


meshSnapmeshSnap : Snap vertex from an object to another one regarding their vertex numbers. Download itGet it on Creative Crash


selRotAxisselRotAxis : Switch to component mode and select the local rotation axis of selected object. Download itGet it on Creative Crash


offsetAnmFromPoseoffsetAnmFromPose : Offset a whole animation from a single starting pose. It keeps you from repositionning each animation curve in the graph editor. Now a bit obsolete because of anim layers but it’s a good way to preserve a simple to edit animation with this process. Download itGet it on Creative Crash