About me…



Hello everybody and welcome to my website. My name is Christophe Brugal and I am a CG animator and illustrator with 19 years experience.

During these few years, I had the opportunity to work for a lot of studios, in Lyon or in Paris, video game industry, tv commercials, feature films, animated series, corporate movies, educational film and I also did some teaching.

Despite being a formed animator I was as well able to do modeling, rigging, scripting, 2d artwork, storyboard and even character design. I try to be as relevant in the technical side of my work as in the artistic one.


Here are some companies I worked for :

blossom_logoEden_logoEtrangesLib_logo Troll_logoPolycrea_logoHaidouk_logoMcGuff_logo ExMachina_logoMedialab_logoMikros_logo SPARX_Logo DigitalGroup_logoCNDP_logo To be continued…


If you want to know more, please have a look at my resume and you can even download it as PDF.